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The cloud-based, online crisis management tool designed to help you make the right decisions under pressure.

CQ Command - online crisis management tool

Proactively manage crisis events

Create, coordinate and track crisis activities across your organisation.

Develop Situational Awareness

Assess the severity & impacts of the event whilst monitoring social media & news.

Collaborate and Communicate

Manage real-time interaction with your teams, suppliers and customers.

The World Is Evolving.
So Should Your Crisis Management Capabilities.


At RiskLogic, we’ve used our years of experience delivering tried and tested crisis management solutions to create a game changer. CQCommand allows you to rally your management team and provide a step-by-step list of actions and tools to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.


CQCommand allows users to initiate a live event whether it be for a physical disaster, cyber threat or any type of incident impacting your organisation.


Each event will populate an event-specific dashboard which can be customised for the different roles within teams to provide quick access to critical event information. It shows the completed incident severity ratings, event duration and impact ratings. It also provides a visual map of the impacted sites and the activated command centres for this event.



Action plans in the system are entirely configurable and allow team members to manage and track their tasks relating to their specific responsibilities. Categories are predefined for each event but can be tailored or added to as required. Each action plan contains a set of immediate, ongoing and post crisis task lists.


The configurable impact assessment tool enables teams to determine the potential impact of the situation either now or in the future if left unresolved. This is an important step for teams to provide strong justification for decision making.



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Support Team

RiskLogic provides CQCommand clients with highly responsive 24/7 support with every subscription package. Our support team consists of technical professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients.


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