Catalyst Tech Daily SITREP – 10 Feb 2020

In today’s SITREP we cover floods in NSW, WHO guidance on the use of masks in relation to n-Cov and the continuing Toll cyber attack.

James Sharp – CQCommunity Manager

Flooding and road closures in Sydney

Sydney and NSW experienced record rain falls over the weekend and road closures and clean up continues today. The SES is urging people to stay home from work today, while dozens of schools are closed and flood evacuation orders are in place around NSW.

Photo Courtesy of @TheAmandaRose on Twitter

The So What..

Road closures and staff remaining at home will obviously affect organisations operations. Over 200 people have been rescued over the last 24 hours . There may have been infrastructure damage over the weekend that may have an impact on operations this week. Consider drafting a quick stakeholder communications strategy to update staff and check on welfare.

WHO Coronavirus SITREPs 18, 19 & 20

No new countries have reported new cases.

SITREP – 18 – The “The Pandemic Supply Chain Network (PSCN)” have drafted an assessment personal protective equipment being manufactured around the world. Suppliers will be asked to increase production.

SITREP – 19 – In consultation with the global IPC expert network, WHO has released three key IPC infection prevention interim guidance materials. Including advice on the use of masks.

SITREP – 20 – Update on the Cruise Ship Diamond Princess

As of 8 February, 64 individuals were found to have been infected with 2019-nCoV among passengers and crew members. All individuals testing positive were disembarked and admitted for medical care in infectious disease hospitals in the Yokohama area. Close contacts of the infected passengers are asked to remain in quarantine for 14 days from last contact with a confirmed case. Thus, the quarantine period will be extended beyond the 19 February as appropriate only for close contacts of newly confirmed cases.

Other Resilience News

Hoarding in Hong Kong – Residents have little faith in the Governments ability to control the virus

Citizens of Hong Kong are experiences huge queues to get daily basics including toilet and rice as shortage panic sets in.

” Other basic necessities in Hong Kong such as rice are also disappearing. This is not because there is any genuine threat of a long-term shortage but due to a culture of selfish panic-buying fuelled by rumours, misleading social media posts and a lack of confidence in the Hong Kong government’s ability to manage any shortages.

Michael Smith – China Correspondent Australian Financial Review

The So What..

In a continuing theme from last week, rumour and panic are a dangerous mix when facing a crisis. This can easily occur within response teams as well, which can see organisations over react to situations based on non-fact based decision making.

Toll cyber attack continues

As of Friday the Toll Logistics website was reporting that the business was dealing with effects of the cyber attack, which has now been in affect for over a week. The Toll Managing Director – Thomas Knudsen isreported to have said that

“[Toll] is making good progress in its recovery, and hoped to be working normally within the next few days. “

Toll managing director Thomas Knudsen

The So What

It is important to remember that the effect from a cyber incident can go beyond days into weeks and months. In a ransomware attack scenario it can be very tempting to want to pay the ransom and get back to ‘BAU’. For more on this really interesting topic have a look at this webinar featuring Daniel Muchow – Head of Cyber for RiskLogic on this very topic.

Who’s going to pay for this breach? – RiskLogic Webinar

For more information, reach out and start a conversation with the Catalyst Technologies team.

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