Catalyst Tech Daily SITREP – 12 Feb 2020

Today’s SITREP covers on-going power outages in Sydney, Cyclone Uesi off the east coast and an updated name for Coronavirus.

James Sharp – CQCommunity Manager

Sydney Storms – power outages continue

Ausgrid is reporting that areas of Sydney and the Central Coast should expect to be without power into the weekend.

The So What

If you have operations and or staff in and these areas without power, consider conducting an incident assessment on what another week without power to those locations could mean.

Cyclone Uesi tracking down east coast

Cyclone Uesi is currently on a track to down the East Coast and residents are being warned to brace for effects. However it is unlikely that the worst of the storm will be realised over land.

“Like any tropical cyclone, there could be heavy rain and damaging winds and we will be issuing warnings accordingly … it’s likely by the time it comes down to the NSW coast or towards the NSW coast it will be an ex-tropical cyclone, however the impacts can still be significant.”

Bureau of Meteorology manager of weather services Mike Funnel

The So What

If your team has already been dealing with impacts from the series of damaging weather events in the past weeks, this is likely to extend disruption times. Keep a watch and act on the Cyclone as they can easily change course quickly and greatly increase the impacts.

Coronavirus named Covid-19

The WHO has declared that the official name for Coronavirus is ‘Covid-19’. Short for Corona Virus Disease 2019. The official death toll from the virus has passed 1,000, however the number of new infections nationally (P.R China) was reduced by 20% yesterday.

WHO Sitrep – 22 – No new countries have reported cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

In Australia no new cases have been reported leaving the total at 15.

The So What

The change in name could cause confusion amongst staff and response teams, consider disseminating information that includes that name has changed and there is no increased risk.

Other Resilience News

Is Cochlear the canary in the stockmarket?

Photo by Andreas P. on Unsplash

Cochlear Limited has issued a profit downgrade as a result of a high rate of surgery deferrals in hospitals in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This comes as experts forecast that the effects of Corvid-19 will continue well into March and April.

Tourism operators and retail have already started reporting significant economic impact as a result of the severe reduction in Chinese tourists.

More here:

The So What

The likely forecast is that most organisations are much likely to be impacted financially than from a people impact. The impacts to supply chain can not be understated and organisations should be looking at contingency plans to make sure operational impacts are minimised.

As organisations experience and deal with the impacts of Corvid-19, the lessons they are learning should be documented as in Australia we are not far from entering the flu season.

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