Catalyst Tech Daily SITREP – 13 Feb 2020

Today we cover Covid-19 transmission data, support to Chinese businesses & opportunities in Indonesia

James Sharp – CQCommunity Manager

UN Crisis Management Team Activated & Covid-19 transmission data


UN Crisis Management Team

The United Nations activated a Crisis Management Team which will be led by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The CMT brings together WHO, OCHA, IMO, UNICEF, ICAO, WFP, FAO and the World Bank

The So What

The make up of the UN Crisis Management Team is a great example of a cross-functional team being brought together to manage a crisis. At its core, this is how crises need to be managed. The response team should bring in the relevant experts outside of a business-as-usual structure in order to rapidly develop an effective response plan.

WHO Covid-19 Export Data

The WHO also released the map below showing the export data for Covid-19. It shows that there are only 4 (excluding China) countries that have exported Covid-19.

The So What

The map above shows that containment and monitoring policies being enacted by nations around the world are working, and that the rate of transmission outside of China is very low. This is an important consideration when response teams are building their most likely and worst case scenarios to support their planning.

Victoria’s Health Minister Urges support for Chinese Businesses

Victoria’s Health Minister Ms Jenny Mikakos has urged Victorians to support Chinese businesses who are suffering decreased customer numbers as an indirect result of Covid-19.

‘‘We’ve got Valentine’s [Day] coming up in a few days’ time. Bring your loved ones here, have a special dinner here at Shark Fin or one of our wonderful Chinese restaurants across Melbourne, and support our important Chinese businesses.’’

‘‘ Feel free to go to Chinese businesses, feel free to go to Chinese restaurants, go to Chinese events, as I did for Chinese New Year.”

Ms Jenny Mikakos – Health Minister for Victoria

Opportunities in Indonesia

There is a growing number of middle income Indonesians who are becoming increasingly interested in international travel. In the wake of severe economic disruption to the Australian tourism industry from fires, smoke and Covid-19, there are opportunities to pivot markets to regain business.

In related news, the WHO is cautioning against reports that Covid-19 is slowing and that is too early to say that we have reached the peak of the virus.

The World Health Organization warns against predictions that the outbreak is slowing

The So What

As organisations start to develop contingency plans for longer term operational disruption, they should consider alternate markets and suppliers both within country and in other areas.

Other Resilience News

Treasury Wines faces $15m coronavirus hit: Citi

In what is becoming a bit of a pattern, another Australian business has recorded a profit downturn as a result of reduced market in China.

The So What

The likely forecast is that most organisations are much more likely to be impacted financially than from a people impact. The impacts to supply chain cannot be understated, and organisations should be looking at contingency plans to make sure operational impacts are minimised.

As organisations experience and deal with the impacts of Covid-19, the lessons they are learning should be documented, as in Australia, we are not far from entering the flu season.

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