Catalyst Tech Daily SITREP – 14 Feb 2020

This Friday we have a look at thunderstorms and large hail warnings for Victoria, armed strikes in Columbia a WHO Covid-19 cyber scam and directors discuss climate change.

James Sharp – CQCommunity Manager

Thunderstorm and hail warning for Victoria

The BOM is predicting thunderstorms and large hail for Victoria this afternoon and potentially into the weekend

The So What

If you have staff and assets in the affected area consider holding a quick response team meeting to check response plans for potential weather effects over the weekend. This could include plans for damage to infrastructure or interruptions to operations over the weekend or into next week.

The Naitional Liberation Army Group (ELN) plans armed strikes across Columbia

The National Liberation Army Group (ELN) is planning armed strikes across Columbia for the next three days. The group has warned citizens against using roads during the strike to ‘avoid unfortunate consequences.’

The Columbian Defence Minister has put the Armed Forces on their highest alert level in response.

The So What

Organisations with staff, operations or dependencies in Columbia should be considering following these events in the country closely and putting a response team on standby as preparatory measure. There is the potential for impacts on people and operations as a result.

WHO COVID-19 cyber scam


The WHO has warned that criminals are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of cyber scams. This includes attempts to spread malware via an email campaign.

The criminals are attempting to exploit people’s fear and panic surrounding the virus to increase the likelihood that they will click the link. Other versions link across to a fake Outlook login page in an attempt to steal login credentials.

The So What

Criminals will exploit any opportunity they can. Consider informing all staff to keep and eye out for emails like the above both on their work and personal accounts. Remind staff of their cyber security principles, to keep alert for spelling mistakes in email addresses as an example and to report anything that doesn’t seem right.

More on this here:

Other Resilience News

The disaster(s) we had to have

The AFR spoke with directors of Australian companies and many are saying that businesses should be reassessing risk, exposure and resilience in relation to climate change.

The So What

For the past 3 years the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report has labelled Climate Change in it’s top risks to businesses and countries. Given the summers that we have had in Australia and around the world. It seems that this is starting to hit home for businesses.

How is your organisation adapting its resilience and risk programs to incorporate climate change?

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