CQCommand Version 5.2

CQCommand | Online Crisis Management Software

Revolutionise how you collaborate and manage information during a crisis with our new real time Event Dashboard and Whiteboards.

Introducing the newly designed event dashboard and collaborative whiteboards to help you better manage and share information in real time during a crisis or critical incident.


The new event dashboard becomes your central hub to manage everything you need in real time and from one place. Customise your dashboard through role base permissions, assess incident severity and impacts, plot impacted sites, view multiple team’s action plans, complete your own tasks directly on the dashboard and access and filter the whiteboards.

CQCommand Dashboard

Fact and Assumption Board

The updated fact and assumption board brings together previously two separate boards with the addition of dynamic search filters, add attachments, include notes and access linkages to the task board.


The renamed Status board now provides dynamic search filters, ability to assign tasks to people or roles, add attachments, include notes and links to the fact and assumption board.

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