CQEducation Series Crisis Communications

Communicating during a crisis.

In the event of a serious disruption, the need to effectively communicate to staff, the public, shareholders and even the media is critical. Stakeholders will want to know how they are impacted and what your organisation is doing to rectify the situation. Without a well planned communications strategy, your organisation runs the risk of losing control of the message and exacerbating the impacts of a crisis.

Tim Archer – Head of Crisis Communications at RiskLogic, covers the following areas in the video:

1. Why is effective communication so critical in a crisis?
2. What are the impacts of poor communication during a crisis?
3. How do you build a communications capability?
4. Communication tips in responding to a crisis.
5. How can technology support you to communicate?

The CQEducation series has been produced exclusively for CQCommand Users to help build your knowledge and experience each month around key crisis and incident management principles. Our aim is build your confidence to perform your role during a crisis situation and familiarise you with important elements of CQCommand during real life events.

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