CQEducation Series Impact Assessment

What is an impact assessment?

Organisations should endeavour to have a proper impact assessment in place to ensure the correct measures can be implemented to prevent or reduce the impacts of disruptive events. A thorough impact assessment provides a higher probability for organisations to overcome these disruptions – strengthening your business continuity.

Simon Petie – Regional Manager, Resilience Services for RiskLogic, takes us through the importance of conducting impact assessments during a disruption, by addressing the following questions:

1. What is an impact assessment?
2. Why would we conduct an impact assessment?
3. How do you structure an impact assessment?
4. Who is responsible for making an assessment?
5. When should impact assessments be conducted?
6. How to use CQCommand to conduct an impact assessment.

The CQEducation series has been produced exclusively for CQCommand Users to help build your knowledge and experience each month around key crisis and incident management principles. Our aim is build your confidence to perform your role during a crisis situation and familiarise you with important elements of CQCommand during real life events.

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