CQEducation Series Incident Assessment

What is an incident assessment?

In all organisations, it is important to conduct an incident assessment to help understand the severity of an incident. Building awareness of the situation as it unfolds will help your team make key decisions as to when and how far you need to escalate the situation to respond effectively. If the incident is not properly managed, it can quickly escalate into an emergency, crisis or a disaster. Conducting a thorough incident assessment will mitigate the likelihood of a major disruption and allow for an efficient return to Business As Usual (BAU).

Brad Law – New Zealand Country Manager for RiskLogic, takes us through the importance of conducting an initial incident assessment by addressing the following questions:

1. Why is it important to conduct an incident assessment?
2. What can happen if an incident assessment was not conducted appropriately?
3. How would you conduct an incident assessment?
4. How can tools help with incident assessments?
5. How can CQCommand help?

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